Transformation Tuesday – Sept 27, 2016

I shared this on my Facebook and Instagram, but I decided I would share it on here also because it gives you a little peak into who I am as a person.

I really wanted to find a before picture in jeans, but I had no luck, so the before pic is from August 2014 and the new pic is from today! This post is exciting for so many reasons. Obviously the visual is pretty amazing, but take a look at the jeans and the boots from the NOW picture.

My mom text me last week and was raving about these jeans she bought from Fred Meyer. We don’t have a Fred Meyer where I live, so I asked her to get me some. So I took a chance and asked her to get me a size 12. These are size 12 SKINNY jeans. I have been so worried they wouldn’t fit. I’ve only bought one other pair of skinny jeans in my life and I wouldn’t really consider them actual skinny jeans. Anyway, they got here yesterday, I tried them on and they fit perfect. There was no jumping around my room struggling to pull them up, no laying on the bed to try to zip them… they just fit!

Next… the boots! OMG! I have always wanted cute tall boots but they have never fit around my calf. But look!!  I’m wearing cute boots that not only fit around my calf, but fit around it even with jeans on! I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to have these to NSVs!


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