Keto Week 3

This week is going to be a bit of a challenge.  My kiddo and I are flying to Oregon to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday.   That means lots of food, treats and alcohol.  Oh the temptations!!!

Day 15 was a tough day.  Not in terms of the way I’m eating or how I’m feeling, but I was so busy at work.  I have my keto coffee in the morning and then I didn’t have anything else until dinner was ready about 5:30.  I was pretty much stuck to my desk from 9:30-4:30 without even getting up to go the bathroom.  That’s why it was tough.  But it was also amazing because I wasn’t ready to eat a small child by the end of the day.  That’s just crazy that besides my coffee, I basically went almost 24 hours without eating and I felt great!  I was hungry, but I wasn’t “hangry” and I was starving.

Day 16 wasn’t much different than the day before.  I was able to eat a little more, but it was another busy day at work.  I didn’t get any work out in either.  I feel like I’m kind of slacking in that area this week.

Day 18 we jetted off to Oregon.  I recognized something about my relationship with food today.  As soon as we got to the airport I felt like I had to get something to eat for the plane ride.  Like I can’t last the 2.5 hour plane ride without food or something.  Obviously I can survive an extended period of time without eating…. (uh hello … day 15!)  but for whatever reason, I HAVE to get something to eat before I board that plane whether I’m hungry or not, and regardless of if I already packed a snack!  Something I need to work on for sure.  So I did get a salad from Wendy’s and I did eat that as soon as we were up in the air.


Once we were on the plane the challenges started!  The flight attendant gave my kiddo some yummy looking chocolate chip cookies!  Chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorites cookies.  Look at this dang thing!!!!!  Uggg.  But I resisted.  Now I’m sitting here thinking…. “I really need to find a keto chocolate chip cookie recipe”  haha


Surprisingly I did really good all weekend.  I didn’t have one cheat.  I was so proud of myself.  I will admit, it was a little difficult at my Grandma’s house.  This is such a different concept of healthy eating that most people aren’t used to, so I had to scrounge a little to find food that would work.  She had dinner ready when I got there, it was a glazed chicken breast, so I scraped off the sauce and ate it with a salad.  It worked out pretty well.

We spent the weekend at the beach for my mom’s birthday.  My best friend and my brother, his wife and kids came too.  Our first night there, my brother and his wife made an amazing dinner and it was keto friendly.  It was a creamy garlic chicken… the sauce was made with heavy cream and cheese, spinach and sun dried tomatoes.  Oh it was heaven!  Everyone else ate it with pasta, but my best friend and I ate it without pasta and just a salad.  My bestie is doing keto with me.  Dinner was perfect.  I did indulge in some adult beverages, but they were either zero carb or low carb.  Alcohol isn’t the best when you are trying to be healthy, but I don’t drink often and this was a special occasion.  We drank vodka with water and mio.  It was perfect.  And it didn’t throw me out of ketosis. My Sister-In-Law thought I needed some carbs though! Haha (Yes those are noodles in my drink! – No I did not eat/drink them!)


My kiddo and I even made and decorated a cake for my mom for her birthday.  Her birthday was beach theme so we got some seashell molds and made our own seashell decorations out of chocolate.  The cake turned out awesome and I didn’t even eat any really feel the desire to eat any.



My mom made eggs benedict for breakfast one morning, I ate that with no english muffin.  We had burgers for dinner, with no bun, and the last morning we had eggs and bacon for breakfast.  I was really amazed how easy it ended up being to stay on track.  I didn’t actually track my carbs all weekend, but I based on the things that I did eat, I know my carbs were pretty low.  I also checked my ketones every day and I was always in the purple on the stick.  So it was a pretty successful weekend.

I wasn’t home on Monday to weigh in, so I have no update on my progress there, but here are some of the delicious things I ate this week:

Meatballs with alfredo sauce

Eggs with sour cream and salsa

Almond butter and dark chocolate

Ham, cream cheese, and pickle roll up

The AMAZING chicken my brother and his wife made.

The delicious eggs benedict my mom made


Keto Week 1

My first week back on keto has come to a close.  I will admit it was a tough week.  Not so much when it came to food or cravings, but just in how I felt overall.  This was the worst that I ever had carb withdrawal also known as keto flu.

The first day wasn’t too bad.  I got a run in early, we stocked up on keto food at Costco and we had dinner at Chipotle.  I started getting a headache in the afternoon and was ready for bed by 7pm.

I figured that day two would be my worst day, I was wrong about that….. But I took the day off from running in anticipation.  My food was on point, I had a mild headache all day, but I tried to get rid of my headache without pain killers by drinking salt water.  When you cut out carbs your electrolytes get out of whack a little bit, so you need to eat or drink a little extra sodium.  I learned that a few year ago from a doctor when I was doing the ‘Ideal Protein’ diet.  By evening the brain fog set in.  My oldest son made fun of me because I kept forgetting what I was doing.

The rest of the week I woke up every morning with a headache.  That was not cool.  Day three I started drinking keto coffee.  It’s similar to bullet proof coffee, with coconut oil and kerrygold butter, except I added heavy cream and torani sugar free syrup.  This stuff is awesome to get a jump on your fat for the day.  I got out for a 3 mile run and then the rest of the day I was starving and I had some sugar cravings and some nausea.  I satisfied my sugar craving with some sugar free cheesecake pudding mixed with heavy cream.  It was super yummy and hit the spot.

Day four was pretty similar to day three.  Headache in the morning, keto coffee.  A couple years ago I tried to drink bullet proof coffee and at first I really liked it. If you make it right, it’s nice and frothy and creamy like a latte.  But quickly it would make me gag when I would drink it.  When we were at Costco on Monday, they had a big bucket of refined coconut oil.  Label said one of the differences between the refined and unrefined is that the refined doesn’t have any taste.  So I decided to try it and I’m so glad I did.  I love it in my coffee now.

I got out for a 3 mile run and I was starving all day again.  I think I realized why I was so hungry… RUNNING!  That fat burning switch hasn’t flipped yet, so my body still is wanting carbs to fuel my runs, and my body is completely depleted of carbs so my body is reacting by not being able to perform well during my runs and starving all day.

On the fifth day, I woke up with a headache again.  I had my keto coffee and I felt great, tons of energy, and satiated ….so  I went for a run at lunch time and that was a mistake.  I barely made it through the run and I felt weak most of the afternoon.  I was starving the rest of the day and my calories were off the charts, but I was able to keep my carbs fairly low (38g) and filled up on fat.  I started monitoring my ketones with Ketostix.  I’m definitely in ketosis and burning some ketones now.

The weekend wasn’t too bad.  I stayed on track easily with my food.  I was pretty irritable and didn’t feel that great, but  I took the weekend off from running and just let my body rest and get through the process.

Some of the super yummy food that I ate this week:

Keto Pizza Casserole

Eggs, sausage and avocado

Ham/pickle roll up, hard boiled eggs and macadamia nuts

Big Ass Salads

OMG these tacos!!! 

Made with cheese taco shells.

They were to die for!

Snickerdoodle Crepes

Now that you have seen some of what I have eaten this week, are you ready to hear about my results for the week?  This week, I lost 6 pounds in 7 days!!!!  I’m finally feeling great and I have eliminated sugar/carb cravings.