Have you ever heard of Dietbet or Stepbet?  So just a little about each… Dietbet is where you join a game for a set amount of money and that money goes into a pot.  Over 28 days you need to lose 4% of your total weight.  At the end of the game, everyone that met their 4% weight loss goal gets to split the pot.  I’ve actually done several Dietbets and have lost a good amount of weight.  They really keep you motivated to stay on track.

Stepbet was created by the same company, but instead of having a weight loss goal, you have a step goal.  When you sign up and pay the money into the pot, you also link your step tracker to the app.  It will look at your activity history and calculate your goals for the duration of the bet.  The bet is 6 weeks long, the first week being a warm up week that doesn’t count against you.  When it calculates your goals, it will give you 4 active goal days and 2 stretch goal days.  If you meet all 6 of your goals each week, you get to stay in another week.  If you miss one of your goals then you are out of the game.  If you meet all your goals for the 5 weeks (after the warm up week), then you get to split the pot with all the others that hit their goals too.

I’m just finishing up my 3rd week of my first Stepbet and let me tell you, it has kept me motivated to stay active every day!  I don’t want to be out of the game and lose my money.  I’ve been burning at least 600-900 calories a day just from trying to get my steps and hit my goals!  It’s pretty awesome because it isn’t about losing weight, but that will be one of the results as long as I make healthy food choices.


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