Why Shakeology

Because Shakeology is the bomb.com

I was pretty skeptical about Shakeology mostly because of the price. I had other protein shakes that I liked that were half the price, so why the heck did I want to pay the money for Shakeology? Well, I decided to buy a challenge pack and just try out the Shakeology for a month. That month, I didn’t drink it consistently so I still wasn’t convinced. I started hearing first hand stories of how Shakeology has changed people’s lives. One guy I talked to told me about how his wife had so many health issues she didn’t even have the energy to get out of bed each day, she started drinking Shakeology and it made all the difference, she not only has the energy to get out of bed everyday, but she also has the energy to chase their kids around and take care of herself by getting in a workout every day. After I heard that, I decided to research it a little more and found all the amazing super food ingredients it has in it. Ingredients like camu-camu and maca root. It even has prebiotics and probiotics. It helps decrease your cravings and helps with weight loss. I decided it was time to really give it a chance, I haven’t missed more than a day or 2 a month since I started drinking it.

Some of the great things I have noticed from drinking it regularly is that my nails are strong and growing and that has never ever happened in the past. My nails have always been brittle and thin and tear or break as soon as they start getting long. I don’t really have cravings for sugary carb heavy foods. I can easily feel full from breakfast until lunch even if my shakeology is the only thing I have. I honestly can’t imagine not drinking it every day now.

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