21 Day Fix Round 1: Day 9

I’m getting close to being halfway through!  The rest of this week is going to be  a challenge.  I mentioned yesterday that my kiddo is off school for fall break so we our getting out of dodge for a few days.  We have some timeshare points we need to use up, so the next 2 nights we are staying at our timeshare so the kiddo can hang by the pool while I work.  The end of the week I’m taking a little time off of work and we are headed to San Diego for a long weekend.  We are planning on going to Sea World.  I can’t wait.  We haven’t been there before.  I’m not too worried about my workouts because that part of my program is portable.  But the nutrition part will be a challenge.

21 Day Fix BreakfastThe kiddo wanted eggs for breakfast this morning, who am I to deny him a healthy breakfast?  I made some eggs and ate mine with a little bit of salsa and 2 muffins and I enjoyed a cup of coffee.  Oh my gosh, it is so cold here.  This is going to take some getting used to.  I’m originally from Oregon.  I was born and raised and lived there for 31 years and then moved to Arizona about 10 years ago.  Until this summer, I lived in the Phoenix area where you have one season… summer and two temperatures… hot and hotter than hell!  This summer we moved north of Phoenix to the smaller town of Payson.  It’s nestled in the Tonto National Forest right on the Mogollon Rim and it has all four seasons.  As soon as it hit October the night time temps started dropping.  Last night our low was 34, tonight it’s supposed to be 32!!!!  I’m freezing my little hiney off, so I needed some nice warm coffee.

My snack is my usual Shakeology.  I’m pretty boring right?  Vegan Chocolate, half of a frozen banana and some instant coffee…. except I switched it up and used left over coffee from this morning instead of instant…. Trying to keep you all on your toes.  haha

HydrationI haven’t really talked much about water and the importance of water since I started this round of 21 Day Fix.  You are probably starting to think I don’t even drink water.  haha.  Well, I do!  Rule of thumb is that you divide your weight in half and that is how many ounces of water you should be drinking each day.  For me, I should drink at least 95 oz a day.  I typically shoot for a gallon.  I have this awesome pitcher from Pampered Chef that I can do infused water in.  It’s a gallon so it’s perfect.  I fill it up at night before I got to bed and try my hardest to drink it all during the day.  I usually get it all down.  But at the very least, I make sure I drink at least 5 of those green water bottles in the picture.  It’s a 20 oz bottle so as long as I drink 5, I’m hitting my goal every day.  Right now I’m stuck on orange infused water.  I just love it!!!!


Lunch was boring… I had leftovers from yesterday.  Portobello Pizza.  It was just as good today as it was yesterday though, so I’m happy about that.

Got my workout done kind of late today.  I had a lot of work to get done before I could go anywhere today.  I’m working tomorrow, but I wanted to make sure I got the majority of my critical work done at my desk.  But I got my work done and then got my Upper Fix done!

After my workout, my afternoon didn’t go quite as planned.  Since I got all my work done, I thought I would be able to have my snack and then head out the door.  But we ran into an issue at work that we had to figure out. So I missed my afternoon snack.  I’m having dinner before we head to the timeshare and then I’m taking one of my prepped meatball meals with us so I have lunch tomorrow.  I’m thinking about getting Chipotle for dinner tomorrow night since it’s a healthy choice that I can control, and… well…. I love me some Chipotle!  I’m also taking my last 4 muffins so I’ve got breakfast covered and of course my shakeology, so I’ve got my morning snack covered.  I’m going to throw in some apples and carrots and some lunch meat.  I should be pretty well set up to continue to stay on track with my meal plan.  It’s nice because the timeshare has a full kitchen, so it will be easy to continue what I’m doing.

So dinner tonight was simple… one of my  prepped meatball dinners and now we are off to the timeshare!  Meatballs and pasta

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