21 Day Fix Round 1: Day 8

CoreDeForceI made it through my first week!!!  Woot Woot.  This morning I got a sneak peak of an awesome new program coming out in November.  Oh my gosh!!!!  I can’t wait.  It’s an MMA style program and requires no equipment.  I will confess, I didn’t think I would like it, but I had to at least try it.  It was tough, I was slower than the modifier, but I was doing it.  I ended up buying 205 calories in 26 minutes, so I guess even though I was slow I worked my behind off!  By then end of the workout, I was loving it and seriously started feeling like a bad ass! I can’t wait for this program to be officially released.  This is going to be my next workout program for sure!!!  Power Muffins

For breaksfast I heated up 2 of the yummy protein packed muffins I made this weekend paired them with a glass of Fairlife milk.  Oh my, I think the muffins were better today then when they were fresh out of the oven.  They are so moist.            (1 -1/2 yellow, 1/2 red, 1/2 purple, and 1 tsp)

I had my usual morning snack… shakeology!!!!  I added a little cinnamon this time, it was so good.  Do you wonder why I love Shakeology so much?  One of the benefits that I have noticed since I started drinking it consistently every day, is that my hair and nails are so healthy and growing.  My nails have never been strong, they have always broke and tore and never really grew.  So it’s pretty amazing that they are growing and I actually have to file them down every week so they don’t get too long and bug me while I type.  You can check out more about the benefits of Shakeology here.  (1 red and 1 purple)

Before I had lunch, I got Total Body Cardio done.  My elbow is still hurting, so I took it easy with the weights.  But I worked hard and got my sweat on!

I’ve never had portobello mushrooms as a main dish, but I’ve always wanted to try them, so that’s what I had for lunch today….. portobello pizzas along with 1/2 of a honey crisp apple!  They were so good.   I put ham and spinach on mine.  This will definitely be hitting the rotation again.  ( 1-1/2 green, 1 blue, 1-1/4 purple, and 1/2 red) 

21 Day Fix Portobello Pizza








My afternoon snack was some carrots, part of an orange container of light ranch, and 1/2 of an english muffin with some almond butter. Yummy snack! (1 green, 3/4 orange, 1 yellow, 3 tsp)

21 Day Fix Snack

first library card

My kiddo is out of school for the week on fall break and since I work from home, he’s kind bored all day while I’m working. Today I decided to take him to the library to get him his first library card. He’s in first grade and starting to learn to ready, he’s sounding out everything, so we got some new books for him to read to me.


I’m loving the “TV Dinner” life. Haha. Tonight I had one of my prepped meals of meatballs, pasta and zucchini. I needed another red container, so I grabbed 2 of the meatballs from another one of my prepped dinners. Such an easy dinner. (2 red, 1 yellow, 1 green)Meatballs and pasta


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