21 Day Fix Round 1: Day 3

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already!!! Just as a little accountability check in…. no binge eating last night after I posted my post for the day. haha! I’m so happy I’m making some mental progress.

I’m planning on getting my workout done at lunch today. I’ve got a lot of work to do this morning so that means I adjust my routing a little bit.

Since I didn’t have a workout planned for this morning, I decided to enjoy a cup of coffee and read some personal development. I read something good for my brain every day. Right now, as I mentioned yesterday, I’m reading Brain Over Binge. It’s really been a great eye opener into the possible reasons people binge eat. So after the kiddo got on the school bus, I sat on the couch in my warm comfy sweats, fuzzy slippers, sipped my coffee and read. It was a nice peaceful way to start my day. Ever since I did a 3 Day Refresh last week I haven’t been drinking as much coffee, so this was a treat.
I love, love, love a good latte. I’m fine with it just being plain coffee and milk, so I made my own version at home. Sometimes with chocolate milk and sometimes with plain milk. This morning I did a little half and half with chocolate and plain. I know I’ve already mentioned this…. but I love my Fairlife milk!!! They even have it in chocolate and it’s so creamy and dreamy and has 13g of protein! So I chose to use a yellow container for my coffee this morning. (You are allowed to swap out a yellow container 3 times a week for milk (including coconut, almond, cows, etc), juice, and even wine!)




The rest of my breakfast was so yummy too! I cut up a green container of zucchini, put 2 tsp of olive oil in the pan, sautéed the zucchini and then added a red container of some chicken sausage and then scrambled 2 eggs in with it. It topped it with a little salsa and ate it all with a purple container of strawberries! Who said eating healthy wasn’t any fun?  (The salsa was part of my 1/2 purple that I had with lunch)
Breakfast container counts: 1 yellow, 2 reds, 1 green, 1 purple




My morning snack was my usual shakeology. I did it a little different today and made a Iced Chili Mocha. I will post the recipe for that later. 1 Red

After my snack I got my workout done… sort of. I thought I would start with some cardio to get my steps in and get warmed up. I did Wild Goose Chase from Country Heat. I love that workout, and I continue to do it because I enjoy it and it helps me get my 10K steps each day in a fun way. With 21 Day Fix, I don’t need the extra cardio, this program gets amazing results on it’s own, but I have a fitbit so I’m pretty obsessed with getting my steps every day and it’s either a really long walk every day or a little dancing. Most days I choose dancing…. Anyway… I got Wild Goose Chase done, and got almost 4000 steps and burned 200 calories. Then I started Lower Fix and I didn’t make it through. I wish I could say that I was bigger than my excuses and pushed through and got it done… but sadly, I didn’t. Not today. I’ve have had some issues with my elbow, a crocheting injury haha… seriously. Apparently crocheting caused tendonitis in my elbow, and now weights will bother it. Today I couldn’t even hold 5 pounds weights in that hand. So I gave up for today. I’m happy I at least got some cardio done though.

After my workout and shower it was kind of late in the afternoon so I made my lunch and skipped my afternoon snack. Lunch was amazing!!! I made ground beef with homemade taco seasoning. (I will be posting the recipe on the blog tomorrow) I had that with 2 soft corn tortillas, some lettuce and tomato, cheese and salsa. It was so good!!!! I can’t wait for left overs tomorrow. I even had extra meat, tomato and salsa; I mixed them together and just ate them. Best meal I have eaten all week. haha  Lunch container count: 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1/2 purple, 1 blue



The rest of the day, I have just felt off. I’m not sure why. I felt this way but a little worse last Wednesday too. Tired, run down, and just blah. I’m not sure what that is about. Feeling like this usually means a binge, so I’m a little worried, but I’m doing my best. Mayson and I went to the store to pick up a couple things for his lunch and breakfast and some bananas, and that’s all we got. I wasn’t even tempted to get any junk, so that’s a least good. I didn’t even think about it until right this second as I was typing this. That makes me feel good.






Once we got home and I got Mayson settled with his sandwich from Subway for dinner, I grabbed my prepped meal out the of the fridge and heated it up. Tonight is the last night for chili, roasted broccoli and I added a few baby carrots. I also had 1 purple container left, so I had some apple with 1 tablespoon of Nutella. (Another great thing about this program is that you can swap out a yellow container 3 times a week for a treat. I need to do a little research and find out how much of a yellow container my 1 tablespoon is going to cost me.)


Now that my food is all logged and posted, I’m headed to bed. I don’t want to take any chances of eating anything I will regret. I’m full as it is, but when that urge comes, it usually doesn’t matter whether I’m full or not. I’m hoping for a better day tomorrow so I can kill lower fix and get a good interval run in. I got training to do!!!!

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