21 Day Fix Round 1: Day 20

breakfast img_3884I was starving when I woke up so I decided to have some ezekiel cereal with bananas.  (1 yellow, 1 purple) So yummy and it hit the spot perfectly.  It’s also Saturday, so that mean soccer game for the kiddo!  That means I get to wear something other than just leggings.  haha   I was feeling pretty good in my skinny jeans and boots!  I’ve never been able to wear tall boots because of my calves, so I’m excited that this fall I’m able to wear tall boots.  I’ve got some black ones and some brown ones and I’m in love!!!!!

This was another day that I didn’t actually eat much.  It’s really weird, but I haven’t been that hungry.  After soccer I had my vegan chocolate shakeology while I made a plan for meals for this week and went grocery shopping.  The kiddo asked for Starbucks and I was a pushover and gave in and we got it.  I got a Iced Green Tea Lemonade…. not horrible, except for the sugar in it.  So I counted it as one of my yellow containers for the day.

I was bad and didn’t really eat lunch, but I did eat some carrots and humus for an afternoon snack, while I was making a stew for dinner.  (1 green, 1 blue)

Before dinner we heard the ice cream truck coming, so of course we ran out there to flag her down and get some ice cream.  I just love living in this small town where the ice cream truck cruises through town.  I actually didn’t get any ice cream.  Ice cream really is one of my weaknesses, but I honestly had no desire for it.  It really seems like something has changed in my brain.  (It’s a good thing!)

beef stewFor dinner I made a yummy beef stew.  It had beef, onions, carrots, celery and potatoes.  It turned out super yummy. Everyone else had a dinner role with theirs, but I just ate the stew by itself and it was enough.  (1 red, 1 yellow)

After dinner I drug my husband out for a walk.  I still needed about 5000 steps to hit my Stepbet goal for the day.  I don’t think I’ve posted about my Stepbet before or what it is, so I will give a little explanation.  I’ve done Dietbets in the past where you bet an amount of money to join the “game” (Usually $25-$40).  Then you have 28 days to lose 4% of your weight.  At the end of the game, all the people that met there 4% goal split the pot.  I did really good with it for a while, but then stopped losing my 4% so I stopped playing them.  The same company came out with another version for steps.  With this one, when you sign up you connect it to your fitbit (I think they have other trackers you can use, but I use fitbit, so that’s what I know about.)   img_3895It will look at your activity history and calculate your active day goals and your stretch day goals.  You need to hit your active day goals 4 days a week and your stretch goal 2 days a week and then you have 1 rest day.  The bet goes 6 weeks, and the first week is just a warm up and doesn’t count.  If you miss one of those goals during the week, you are knocked out of the “game” and lose your money, but if you hit your goals each week, then at the end of the game you split the pot with everyone else that met their goals consistently.  So I’m working hard to make sure I hit my step goals each day so I don’t lose my money!  My active day goal is 10,044 steps and my stretch day goal is 13,633 steps. I’ve reached all my active day goals for this week and I’ve got one stretch day in, so tomorrow I have to hit my last stretch day.   It was after dark last night when we went for our walk, but I got it done!

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