21 Day Fix Round 1: Day 14

Today we are headed home, I’m sad to say, but thank goodness.  I can’t wait to get home.  After being miserable with a kink in my neck and headache yesterday, I woke up this morning with some kind of allergy attack.  I woke up sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes and my eyes felt kind of puffy.  I got up and blew my nose and then looked in the mirror and my face was all swollen.  I washed it a couple times and then took this picture.  It actually looks better in this picture than it did when I first looked in the mirror.  I’m not sure what did it, but it was not cool!! swollen face

We had our last hotel breakfast, this morning I splurged a little and had some cute little waffles with peanut butter and banana and some milk.  Yum!  After we had breakfast we loaded up and headed out, but not before stopping at Black Rock Coffee!  Oh yum!  I love this place and the only time I get it is if I go home to Oregon or go to Oceanside, CA.  So this morning was a bit of an overload on yellow containers, but well worth it!

We stopped at Panera for lunch and I got soup and salad for lunch, along with a side of Benadryl for my face.  I pretty much slept in the car most of the drive home.  The last two days I haven’t had much of an appetite, so when I got home I had my shakeology for dinner.

Now I’m off to bed and hope that waking up tomorrow in my own bed I will have better luck than I have the last two mornings.

Tomorrow I start my last week of the 21 Day Fix and I want to finish it strong!!!!

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