21 Day Fix Round 1: Day 13

I woke up with a kink in my neck that gave me a horrendous headache all day.  It was horrible.  But luckily we didn’t have much planned for the day.  Breakfast was almost the same as yesterday, except I had scrambled eggs with Chobani Vanilla yogurt and a banana.  Not too bad for hotel breakfast.

sushi boatWe did some shopping, got Mayson a halloween costume, and I got a warm down jacket, half off at Macy’s!  Score!!!!  For lunch we went to a sushi restaurant and got too much sushi, but they served it in a boat so my hubby was happy.  By that point my head was killing me, so I didn’t eat too much.

Carlsbad, CAAfter lunch we headed back to the hotel and I took a little nap, then we spent some time on the beach.  The kiddo made a cool sand castle and played in the ocean.  He had a lot of fun.sandcastle

Carlsbad, CA








For dinner we had left overs from the night before and watched the Titanic.  Mayson has been really interested in the Titanic and has been watching lots of documentaries about it, so I thought we would watch the Jack and Rose version.  Even with the kink in my neck and the headache it was still a great day with my family.

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