21 Day Fix Round 1: Day 10

Getting my workout done in our hotel room!  I just love how my workouts are portable.  Today killed lower fix with no weights again this week!

whole foods breakfast
breakfast on the balcony
I decided to take the kiddo to Whole Foods to get some breakfast and some stuff for his lunch.  I didn’t plan on getting myself anything for breakfast, but I couldn’t resist.  Oatmeal just sounded good!  Oh and coffee!  Now that I’ve been sticking to the portion containers for a little while, it’s a great feeling when I feel full before I’ve eaten all my food and I actually stop eating.  I wasn’t planning on eating the whole container of oatmeal that I got because that is definitely more than 1 yellow container, so I put about half of it in a bowl and couldn’t even finish it.  My coffee is just a plain latte with non fat milk.  Yum!   We enjoyed our nice breakfast out on our balcony.




When I got about halfway to the timeshare I realized I forgot my shaker cup for my shakeology! Ugg. Luckily I have a fully stocked kitchen, so I whipped out the blender for my snack this morning.





My kiddo was pretty anxious to get to the pool and he had been really good with not bugging me about it while I was working, so I finished up some testing for work, scarfed down my meatballs and pasta and then took him to the pool for a half an hour. That was just enough time to tide him over while I worked the rest of the afternoon.

happy kid
21 Day Fix Eating Out


I had a lot more work to do after he played in the pool and didn’t have a chance to have my afternoon snack. I just wanted to get stuff done so I could take him back down to the pool. I’m not sure that was the best idea. The pool has a bar that makes your typical bar food. But one thing I love about this program is that occasionally you can fit your favorite crap food into your plan. Now the drawback is that eating that crap made me feel like crap. But just like my experience this morning, I was satisfied with a really small portion and didn’t even make a dent in the nachos. This picture is actually after I was finished.



Now to relax and enjoy our last night here. We are headed home early tomorrow morning so I can have the full day to work, then we are off to San Diego for the weekend!

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