15k Training: Week 1

This was my first week of training and I wasn’t super happy with myself. I walked a lot more than I would have liked, but it’s been a while since I ran consistently. Originally when I signed up for the 15K my goal was to run a 11 min mile pace. I don’t think that is realistic at this point since I didn’t run much at all over the summer. Now I’m shooting for a 12 min mile pace.

My current pace when I run a 5k is about 12:40 min mile. I’m pretty slow, but I’m running and that’s all I care about. I’m going to work hard the next 10 weeks to increase that pace as much as possible for the 15k.

This week my plan was 3 runs. Two “easy” 5k runs during the weekdays and a long run on Saturday. All three of my runs honestly sucked! I know I was out there running so that was good, but I had a lot of walking in there and I think I figured out why. Well, there are two reasons, the first is the hills. I live on a mountain so it’s really hard to find anywhere that is consistently flat, so I end up running a little and then walking a little. The other issue is my weight. I’ve gained about 20 pounds since my lowest weight this year and that is making running tough. To put that into perspective, 20 pounds is the same as a car tire… so I guess now I know where that saying of “spare tire” comes from. Can you imaging running while you are carrying a car tire. Sounds tough right? Well it was. It was like running through molasses.

This all just means that I’ve got to work harder to get those 20 pounds off and I need to use the hills to my advantage. I ran 4 miles on Saturday and even with the walking because of the hills, my average pace was 13:03 min mile, so that’s not too bad.

My plan this week is 3 runs again. An easy one on Tuesday and I’ve got 2 hills on my route that I’m going to do my best on. Thursday will be an interval run to try to increase my pace a bit and then a long one on Saturday.


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