15K Training: Week 6

This week I did my running while I am on a business trip.  I’m lucky enough to be staying in a town next to the ocean.  It has a great path that runs along the sea.  I’ve gotten out every day for at least a walk so I can get my steps every day.

img_4042Tuesday night I tried to run and really struggled.  I thought for sure it would be easy since it’s all flat and the elevation is sea level.  But I struggled an couldn’t even run 3 miles straight.  But I still got out there and I tried.

The rest of the week nights, I just walked and didn’t attempt to run.  It was almost dark every night when I got back to my hotel, but I still had to get my steps in, so I did.

Saturday I slept in and it felt nice.  But as soon as I woke up, I laced up my shoes and went out for a run.  As soon as I turned the corner from my hotel I saw at least 20 other people out running.  I’ve never seen that many people out running at one time except at an organized event.  I love the fact that everyone is so active in this town.  I guess I would be too if I had an awesome place to run every day.

10b99274-0a85-49f6-b8aa-641ad1abc456I ran a little over 4 miles, the first mile was a real struggle again.  I stopped a couple times to stretch.  My legs were burning and hurting… but the more I ran the easier it got.  By the time  I got to my last mile I had a pretty good pace going… 11:45 min mile.  As I was running back towards where I started an older man was standing in front of his beach hut and yelled down to me “You’ve had a nice run” as I was running by.  I yelled back “yep, about 4 miles”, he yelled back “I know, I saw you down there” and pointed towards where I started.

I’ve only got 5 weeks left to train for my 15k.  I’m getting nervous since I haven’t been able to run a long distance non stop.  But I’m not giving up.  I will keep running and keep practicing.

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