15K Training: Week 5

I’m posting this one a bit late.  I wrote it while I was on the plane headed to the UK for a business trip, but never got the time to post it until today…. a week late.

I haven’t done much training this week.  The days I was supposed to train, instead of running I ended up doing some long walks.  I’m not sure what was up with me, but I just couldn’t get motivated to run this week.

I’m currently participating in a Stepbet.  If you aren’t familiar with what one is, you can read more about it here.  4 days a week I have to hit at least 10,044 steps each day and 2 days of the week I have to hit at least 13,644 steps, and then I get one free day.  If I miss one of those goals during the week, I’m out of the game and lose my money.  I’ve worked really hard at hitting my goals every day this week and last week.  Monday and Thursday I did 3 Country Heat workouts to hit my active goal of 10,044 and Wednesday I took an extra long walk to hit my stretch goal.

virtual 5kThis week I put a challenge out to my accountability group on Facebook to run a virtual 5K with me.  Have you ever ran a virtual 5K?  This was my first and it was pretty cool.  There are several different companies that host virtual runs, I registered mine with USA Road Running.  I bought my medal and my number for $16.95 plus shipping.  Today I put my number on, turned on their app and set out.  There app is really cool, when you start, you are racing against all the other people that started at the same time as you.  I happened to start at the same time a 10 other people, so I got to see where I was placing among those 10 others.  Overall I got 8th place out of 11.  Not the best, but I was taking it at an easy pace to make sure that I was able to run the whole thing.  I finished my 5k in 40:39.  Not my best, but not bad.  After the 5k, I ran an extra 1.5 miles since this was my long run day.

Now I’m writing this as I sit on an airplane headed to the U.K. for 2 weeks for work.  I’m staying in a cute little town on the sea.  There is a board walk that runs along the sea, so my plan it to run along that to get my training in.

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