15K Training: Week 2

My second week of 15K training is done!!!!  This week I had 3 runs scheduled.  An easy run on Tuesday, an interval run on Thursday and a long run on Saturday.  I felt a lot better about my runs this week.  I really pushed myself and made a lot of progress.

My easy run on Tuesday… ha!  What run is easy?  They all seem to be a mental challenge, at least for me.  I kissed my kiddo and husband goodbye and I took off.  My kiddo was waiting for the school bus and my husband was leaving for the rest of the week.  Usually I wait until after he leaves to go for run, but I needed to get it done!  So off I went.  I always start with a walk… they tell you to start with a slow jog, well… my slow jog is actually a walk!  Haha.

The first mile was awesome!  My pace was an 11:50 min mile.  One of my bests.  But then I ran into some subtle hills that made my legs burn and started making me feel like I was running in molasses.  At one point I walked a little but, probably like 50 steps just to catch my breath and then got back to running.  Those subtle hills really killed my pace thought and that started the mental game.  About 2.25 miles in I started thinking I couldn’t do it anymore.  I looked at my watch and I was about 30 minutes into my run so I started telling myself that was good enough.  I was running towards home and coming up to a hill, so I told myself I would stop once I got to the hill and call it good.  I mean I ran 30 minutes already.

Ugg.  The excuses and the justifications!!!

Then I started thinking by the time I got to the hill I would be at about 2.5 miles and I would only have .6 miles to go to hit my 5k.  I couldn’t give up that easy.  So, I turned around and ran the opposite way.  It was a little more flat and took me further from home so it wouldn’t be so easy to just stop.  I told myself over and over that I could do it and I am strong and I can finish this out.   Once I hit 2.75 I turned around, I was almost back to the hill at about 2.92 so I turned back around.  At this point I was determined to run my 5k dang it!  If anyone was out there watching me, they probably thought I was crazy running in circles.  For that last little bit, I put on a fast paced song and I picked up my pace and finished the last 10th of a mile at an 11:50 min mile pace.  I finished the whole thing with an average pace of 12:19 min mile for my 5k.  I think that might be my personal best!!!!!

So after all the excuses and negative talk, I killed it with a PR!

Interval run on Thursday… uggg I was not in the mood for this run at all.  It’s cloudy and gloomy out and had rained most of the night.  When I looked at my weather app, it was showing 60% chance of rain between 7 and 8 am.  But I put my jacket on and got my butt out there.  I think I was dreading the hills more than the weather!

There is a street about 3 streets over from my house that has a pretty decent hill, so the plan was to run up that at least 5 times.  My training plan for today from the Hot Chocolate 15K said to do intervals of 1 minute fast and 1 minute slow for 5-10 times.  I figured running up the hill as fast as I could and walking back down 5-10 times would be work.

interval-2I started up the backside of the hill, which wasn’t quite as steep as the front side.  I ran to the top, but I will tell you, everything was on fire and felt so heavy.  My arms and legs….. I wanted to just stop and go back home!  But I pushed myself and made it to the top of the hill.  I walked down to the bottom of the other side and walked to the end of the road.  For some reason I was thinking getting a running start to the hill would be a great idea and would give me momentum to make it up.  eh… not so much.  I made it about halfway up the hill that first time.  At that point I decided I would do a total of 6 hill intervals.

The next two I started at the very bottom of the hill, instead of getting a running start, and I made it to the top!!!  The first time I was moving so slow as I got to the top, but I made it.  I wanted to stick a flag in the top of the hill and claim it as mine!

For my 5th hill, the school bus drove by, so instead of chasing it up the hill I decided I would try the hill on the next street over.  Too EASY!  Oh My Gosh… did that just come out of my mouth?  A hill that was too easy?  Haha.  So after the easy hill, I went back to the tough one and made it to the top for my 6th hill!  I can’t tell you how great it felt to accomplish that.  I’m so glad I didn’t just stay home and go back to bed!!!

15K trainingLong Run… I was supposed to do my long run on Saturday but plans changed and I had to move it to Sunday.  I got up early this morning and laced up my shoes and then sat on the porch while I drank my energize.  I’m kind of thinking I was stalling.  For some reason I am never in the mindset to run.  Ugg.

I started out on the same route that I ran last weekend for my long run.  I actually ran more of the hills today than last week.  It felt so good to be able to do more than I did last week.  Once I got down onto flat ground, every time I looked at my watch my pace was between 11:15 and 11:30.  Not too shabby and it felt like an easy pace, not a pace where I was winded and over exerting.

I ran into a couple more hills and then got back onto flat ground for my last mile.  I finished up my 5 miles and I’m proud of the two miles that were on flat ground.  My pace for mile 3 was 11:41 and my pace for mile 5 was 11:49.  Pretty consistent on flat ground.

I’m sad, but I’m not going to be able to run this next week.  My kiddo is on fall break and it’s just him and I all week, so there will be no opportunity for me to get out and run.


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