Keto Week 3

This week is going to be a bit of a challenge.  My kiddo and I are flying to Oregon to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday.   That means lots of food, treats and alcohol.  Oh the temptations!!!

Day 15 was a tough day.  Not in terms of the way I’m eating or how I’m feeling, but I was so busy at work.  I have my keto coffee in the morning and then I didn’t have anything else until dinner was ready about 5:30.  I was pretty much stuck to my desk from 9:30-4:30 without even getting up to go the bathroom.  That’s why it was tough.  But it was also amazing because I wasn’t ready to eat a small child by the end of the day.  That’s just crazy that besides my coffee, I basically went almost 24 hours without eating and I felt great!  I was hungry, but I wasn’t “hangry” and I was starving.

Day 16 wasn’t much different than the day before.  I was able to eat a little more, but it was another busy day at work.  I didn’t get any work out in either.  I feel like I’m kind of slacking in that area this week.

Day 18 we jetted off to Oregon.  I recognized something about my relationship with food today.  As soon as we got to the airport I felt like I had to get something to eat for the plane ride.  Like I can’t last the 2.5 hour plane ride without food or something.  Obviously I can survive an extended period of time without eating…. (uh hello … day 15!)  but for whatever reason, I HAVE to get something to eat before I board that plane whether I’m hungry or not, and regardless of if I already packed a snack!  Something I need to work on for sure.  So I did get a salad from Wendy’s and I did eat that as soon as we were up in the air.


Once we were on the plane the challenges started!  The flight attendant gave my kiddo some yummy looking chocolate chip cookies!  Chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorites cookies.  Look at this dang thing!!!!!  Uggg.  But I resisted.  Now I’m sitting here thinking…. “I really need to find a keto chocolate chip cookie recipe”  haha


Surprisingly I did really good all weekend.  I didn’t have one cheat.  I was so proud of myself.  I will admit, it was a little difficult at my Grandma’s house.  This is such a different concept of healthy eating that most people aren’t used to, so I had to scrounge a little to find food that would work.  She had dinner ready when I got there, it was a glazed chicken breast, so I scraped off the sauce and ate it with a salad.  It worked out pretty well.

We spent the weekend at the beach for my mom’s birthday.  My best friend and my brother, his wife and kids came too.  Our first night there, my brother and his wife made an amazing dinner and it was keto friendly.  It was a creamy garlic chicken… the sauce was made with heavy cream and cheese, spinach and sun dried tomatoes.  Oh it was heaven!  Everyone else ate it with pasta, but my best friend and I ate it without pasta and just a salad.  My bestie is doing keto with me.  Dinner was perfect.  I did indulge in some adult beverages, but they were either zero carb or low carb.  Alcohol isn’t the best when you are trying to be healthy, but I don’t drink often and this was a special occasion.  We drank vodka with water and mio.  It was perfect.  And it didn’t throw me out of ketosis. My Sister-In-Law thought I needed some carbs though! Haha (Yes those are noodles in my drink! – No I did not eat/drink them!)


My kiddo and I even made and decorated a cake for my mom for her birthday.  Her birthday was beach theme so we got some seashell molds and made our own seashell decorations out of chocolate.  The cake turned out awesome and I didn’t even eat any really feel the desire to eat any.



My mom made eggs benedict for breakfast one morning, I ate that with no english muffin.  We had burgers for dinner, with no bun, and the last morning we had eggs and bacon for breakfast.  I was really amazed how easy it ended up being to stay on track.  I didn’t actually track my carbs all weekend, but I based on the things that I did eat, I know my carbs were pretty low.  I also checked my ketones every day and I was always in the purple on the stick.  So it was a pretty successful weekend.

I wasn’t home on Monday to weigh in, so I have no update on my progress there, but here are some of the delicious things I ate this week:

Meatballs with alfredo sauce

Eggs with sour cream and salsa

Almond butter and dark chocolate

Ham, cream cheese, and pickle roll up

The AMAZING chicken my brother and his wife made.

The delicious eggs benedict my mom made


Keto Week 2

I’m getting into the swing of things now. I’m not going to say this week was a breeze, but when it comes to food choices, it has been super easy.

This week I consistently started drinking or eating my Shakeology. Yes!  Eating!  That wasn’t a typo.  I will tell you all about it, don’t worry!  I also started PiYo and continued to run.  Well, ok, I will be honest, I slacked a little with the PiYo and running.

Day 8 I went out for a run and as I was running I could taste the sweet taste of ketones in my mouth. I was pretty excited about it because it means that I was burning those ketones for my energy instead of sugar!!! That is my ultimate goal, so this was great. Before bed I did my first day of PiYo. I can’t believe how sore I was the next day. Day 1 of Piyo is just going through each move so you can learn them before jumping into the fast paced workouts.

On day 9 I tried to go out for another run, but my stomach was really hurting, not like nausea, but actual pain. So I walked 4 miles instead of running 3 miles. The rest of the day I felt fine so I had no problem with PiYo day 2 before bed. The nice thing about PiYo is that it’s not an intense feeling workout (so far), so I can do it before bed and it’s kind of relaxing.

Oh my gosh on day 10 I went out for another run…. Yes, apparently I like to run…. It was the most amazing run! I felt amazing the whole time, I didn’t run super fast, but I never walking, not even on the hills. I was pretty proud of myself.

My food this week has been on point every day. No cheating! I honestly don’t even have the desire to cheat. My cravings are gone. It’s been over 13 days since my last binge and it feel great to have control over my food again. One night my kiddo wasn’t thrilled with my choice of dinner… it was a super yummy spaghetti squash chili… not sure why he turned his nose up to that! But I made him a super unhealthy, yet super yummy frozen party pizza. This is one of my favorite crap foods, I usually would make him one just so I could snag a couple pieces in addition to whatever I was eating for dinner. But not this night! I didn’t even touch it. He didn’t eat it all and I ended up throwing what he didn’t eat away. It didn’t even feel like a temptation.

I was trying to figure out a creative way to have my Shakeology this week and I just happened to have some cream cheese sitting on the counter and the thought popped in my head to add my shakeology to my keto cheesecake fluff.  #mindblown  This turned out great.  I will be posting the recipe soon.

Over the weekend we were at our old house that we are trying to get ready to put on the market. I did a ton of cleaning on Saturday and Sunday. With all he cleaning, cooking was the furthest thing from my mind, so we ate out just about every meal. My lunch choice on Saturday was Chick Fil A where I got my husband and I 30 grilled chicken nuggets and a side salad each. Perfect lunch! Dinner was my favorite… Chipotle. I just love Chipotle. I always get a salad without the dressing, with steak, cheese, sour cream, mild or medium salsa and I never forget the guacamole!

On Sunday we decided to go out again… for breakfast. I scanned some menu’s for some low carb options and we chose to go to The Village Inn. It’s weird because when I looked up one of their omelets on the menu they had a ton of carbs, but they had an option to build your own omelet, so that is what I chose. I added some bacon, spinach, swiss cheese and hollandaise sauce. It was so yummy. The waiter thought I was crazy when I said “no pancakes, no toast, and no hashbrowns” Yep, I’m crazy… keto crazy!

The one thing I love the most is that I can eat out and stay on plan, and it’s not even hard and I don’t feel deprived.

The end of week 2, I’m down 1.8 more pounds. Not a huge loss, but not a gain either!

I ate some great things this week. Here are just a few….

Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

Diet Rootbeer “Float”

Chocolate Keto Cheesecake Fluff

Chipotle Steak Salad

Chik Fil A Salad

Village Inn Omelette